tèr·ra / land
waka / walk

TerraWaka Sneakers

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Experience comfort and style with our Editor's Pick - Tyson. Comfort is more important than looking good. But comfort with good-looking is best! These sneakers are primarily designed for sports or any other outdoor activities and your casual daily look.

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Casual Sneakers

These are boldly patterned with breathable cotton fabric that features a microfiber and is on styles and appealing colors.

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Originally a short form of the name William. From the Belgic Guild-helm, meaning "harnessed with a gilded helmet."

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Keepers of Wisdom

TerraWaka means to walk this land with purpose. A percentage of your purchase on the TerraWaka site will go towards assisting indigenous communities who are the wisdom keepers of 5,000 yr old ancient traditions past down through generations. They’ve been using Amazon rainforest as their own homeopathic pharmacology and after many centuries learned how to assist others in healing ailments utilizing master plants and animals found in nature. The tribes people fight to protect the rainforest through reforesting hectares of burnt land left by the cattle, soy, oil, and mining industries. Together we can help them continue their replanting efforts, assist them in gaining awareness by organizing communities in the underrepresented areas, and to expand their eco-sustainable technological practices, so they can continue to sustain their and our lands in the Amazon Jungle. The amazon rainforest provides 20% of the oxygen we breath, it is the lungs of the world.